Module 1 – 1.1 Introduction Copy

1. Enrolment, Login and Future login to your personal student area

Go to and click on “My IDA” on the menu. Enter your username and password and click “Submit”.

Use forgotten password link to retrieve a password. Login goes to your personal secure Student Page with access to all course details.

2. Modules

The course has 21 Modules of learning. The course guides you through one Module at a time. Within each Module you will find relevant topics to read, and Exercises to complete. After every module, you will have the opportunity to talk to your tutor via a Zoom video call, if you feel you need that.

You can also request support from your Tutor at any time. Just click the Tutor support link from the top menu bar and write a question in the box. The Tutor should reply within 24 – 48 hrs, faster in most instances. As soon as you finish the exercise after each module (call it Homework), your tutor will check your work and reply either by e mail or arrange another Zoom call.

3.’How to Start’

1. Click “Modules” link at top of the page.
2. Click Module 1 topics to read.
3. Complete and submit the Exercise
4. Wait for the reply from your tutor (either by e mail or video chat)
5. As soon as your tutor has accepted your work, you will have access to the
next module.

All Exercises are submitted via the IDA website. Work submitted via email cannot be accepted.

At the end of Module 21, you will have to finish the largest task of all, and after you have successfully completed all modules, you will receive the Certificate from the Interior Design Academy.

To ask any administration questions, technical questions or to update your personal information, send a message to

The course is designed to be finished in 12 months, but if you need to extend it, the additional 12 months course and tutor access will cost you £75. After you have graduated, your details will be added to our website with your contact details and your website – if you wish.

The Certificate will be sent to you within 21 days of passing the course.

4. Languages

We are proud to offer our course in a few other languages as well and also to offer tutors that speak English as a second language for our students where English is not their first language.

Please contact us on with your special language request and we will send you the course in your language and also allocate a tutor who speaks your language as well.

Our course is available at the moment in the following languages: English, Hungarian, Serbian, Croatian, Polish, Italian, Spanish, Romanian and Greek.

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